Red Corner: Stalin’s Bunker Opened to Public

A company which bought a plot of land in the suburbs of Moscow has discovered that they also bought Stalin’s wartime bunker buried below their new property. Thankfully, being the wise businessmen they are, they decided to open up it up for tours.

I haven’t had the opportunity to check it out myself as it has only recently been opened, but I have come across the following article detailing the tour. And boy does it seem cool. Original statues, maps, tables and a conference room with a domed ceiling are just a few of the items still intact amongst the 200 square meters open to the public. What truly fascinates me, however, are the other 142,800 square meters that remain closed. This is a huge amount of space, enough to hold 2,000 people and a column of tanks.

Apparently access to the bunker was via a secret subway that runs directly from the Kremlin. Tourists, however, enter from a different entrance as this subway has long been legendary and officially does not exist.

Wow. Show me who I can bribe. I would love to have a few days wandering through those subterranean chambers on my own.