Word for the Travel Wise (04/08/06)

You would think the weekend would have
come to show me some sort of mercy. Offer a little rest and relaxation, but such is not the case. There is much to do
on this Saturday evening so I’m cutting to the chase with this one with updates to follow.

Today’s word is
a Thai word used in Thailand:

wan sao – Saturday

There is an accent mark over the ‘a’ in sao that I didn’t have, so double check with another
source and while you’re there seek out the rest of the days of the week.

Learning Thai dot com is a great starting point for some basic Thai words and
referrals to additional resources. For a brief history of the language, Thai alphabet, and pronunciation guide go to Omniglot. (A pretty clean and simple site with good details.)
Another good source would be the Pimsleur language audio CD’s. I used these
to prepare for my trip and they worked great! Before making the purchase look into your local library. There are several
libraries carrying these audio CD’s and many more.

Past Thai words: hàat sai