Portable Media Players: Making Flying Better

I’ve only recently begun to enjoy airline travel due to the emergence of one particular item of technology: the personal video screen.  The little screen some airlines are mounting on the back of the seat in front of you is what turns long painful flights into pleasant stretches of mindless entertainment that pass surprisingly fast.
But now, technology is getting even better.  Instead of relying on the airline’s selection of movies and sitcoms, you can bring your own-and, for that matter, your own player as well. 

The rising popularity of Portable Media Players (PMPs) such as Apple’s new video iPod means that you now have hours of personalized entertainment at your fingertips.  An extremely informative article in The New York Times explains what this means and what the future holds as better technology emerges in the upcoming year. 

For example, one of the more exciting options, MyTV ToGo, acts as a portable Tivo.  You simply plug your iPod in and the software automatically records the shows you request and converts them to an iPod friendly format.  This is just one of many amazing PMP products on the horizon.  Take a moment to check out the others featured in The New York Times and you’ll never be bored on an airplane again.