Rental Car Redux

If you’re a frequent rental car customer give a read of this useful piece
published over at the Washington Post that guides you through the process of renting a car, and seeks to take some
of the economic sting out of the experience.

They recommend (fairly obvious) that you spend a good deal of
time looking around at places like Expedia, Orbitz and Kayak for your rental car needs. And then they suggest you also
try a travel agent…the old fashioned way to do it. These are fairly obvious suggestions, but they do add some value.
For example, they recommend you check your current car insurance policy to find out for sure whether a rental car is
already covered under your current plan. Also, they tell you to make sure and ask for a discount, as some agencies have
discounts for companies or promotions that, for some reason, they might not tell you about. Asking might jog their
memory or get you some dollars off. Take a look.