Wi-Fi Best and Worst Hotels

We can sometimes come across a bit, oh, what’s the
word…not liberal exactly, but something like that. Maybe socially-conscious is the term I’m looking for. Whatever the
label, we believe that certain things in life ought to be free, provided by the state, as it were. Not health care
necessarily. Personally, I don’t profess to know enough about throw the system works to demand free health care. That
is a decision best left for the wonks. But when it comes to Wi-Fi, well, now we’re talking about something I am
passionat3 about. And yes, I believe that everyone, every man, woman, child and dog on the Internet, should be provided
with free Wi-Fi. It should be our right at citizens, as much a good of common consumption as water.

So that
is the high-minded prate of someone who wishes for a better, wired world. But what about the practicality of all this?
For travelers, what can we say about Wi-Fi in, say, hotels? OK. HotelChatter has
put together a list of best and worst of
the Wi-Fi offering hotels. The best goes to Kimpton Hotels,
whose Wi-Fi is simple, free and fast. Emphasis on free. How fricken annoying is it to get to a hotel and have them
charge you $9 an hour? On the other side, Marriott Hotels gets slammed for
its lack of consistency and high cost. So consider this the next time you make your hotel reservations.