Eating in London

I know Paris has the international reputation as the capital of gastronomy, but I believe there are no
restaurants more delectable, various and eclectic than those in London. During a recent trip, I enjoyed the
London Zoo, the Science Museum, Big Ben and everything, but what I really relished was the food.

As we were traveling with two hectic four-year-olds my husband, and I made a selection of places to eat. As soon as
we landed at Heathrow Airport we headed to my all-time favorite family-friendly restaurant Wagamama at Harvey Nichols (109-125 Knightsbridge). There are about 25
Wagamama restaurants in London and over 40 in all England. The restaurants are modeled on the ramen bars
which have been popular in Japan for hundreds of years and their menu consists of side dishes, main meals and

The restaurant design, modern yet warm, welcoming and inviting, the photographs on the walls, the waiters that
listen carefully and patiently as you try to order a bottle of water in obviously awful English and don’t
mind your kids taking off their shoes, you can’t but feel empowered when you eat at Wagamama, and that’s what I love
about this place. Even if it’s popular. We had gyoza and
negima yakitori for side dishes, a wagamama ramen (see picture) and a yaki soba for main meals. The restaurant also has a kid menu available to children aged 10 and under.

The next day we had lunch at Italian restaurant Da Mario (15 Gloucester
Road Kensington) also known as Princess Diana’s local pizzeria. Mario says "inspired by the many visits
of this humble and caring mother of the future king of England, I was delighted and thrilled to create Pizza
". Pizza Diana was conceived with four different cheeses, roasted sweet peppers and oyster
mushrooms. A friend of ours told us the seafood was excellent so we ordered one Spagetthi Seafood and one Pizza
Seafood (see picture). It was absolutely divine. Da Mario also has pasta and mini cheese and tomato pizzas for

For our last dinner, we wanted to try a Korean restaurant and went to Ran which is located in Soho (58-59 Great Marlborough Street).

Ah the familiar language, smells and meals! The kids had "jabchae" (beef with glass noodles) and "mandoo" (gyoza) and we had "chadolbaegi" (Korean grill -see picture- with
filet mignon and beef short ribs) and "naengmyun" (spicy chilled noodles). The Korean
grill was excellent, but I thought the spicy chilled noodles were a little dull and tasteless.

I can’t wait to go back!