German Destinations: World Cup or No World Cup

In the next coming weeks, you can expect a slew of ink and pixels in the international media highlighting all the wonderful tourist locations that Germany has to offer. Why Germany? Because during the summer, Germany will host the most widely-watched sporting event on this planet: The World Cup. Thousands of maniacal soccer fans and hooligans will descend upon various cities throughout Germany to cheer on their national teams in an orgy of fanaticism unparalleled in the sporting world.

Naturally, some of these fans might want to see what else Germany has to offer outside of soccer matches, and perhaps even experience some culture! Two recent articles in Britain’s, Independent (UK) newspaper have taken an early jump on summarizing hot locales in Deutschland that includes such suggestions as Berlin, gardens, Mozart, Dresden, Bauhaus architecture, wine tours, the lake district, theme parks, bars, museums and more. In short, these two articles are wonderful primers for anyone planning on visiting Germany—especially when the World Cup is not occurring.