Men's Journal Adventure Issue

May issue of Men’s Journal is their annual Adventure Issue.  Unfortunately, they post very little of it
online.  I’ve only just started thumbing through it and am disappointed we can’t share links to all
the great articles the editors have shoved in this year’s issue. 

But, what we can do is summarize some of the articles and direct you to your nearest newsstand to pick up a copy
for yourself.  That’s the only way you can read about Tony Hawk snowboarding in Alaska, Richard
Branson’s wild adventures, an Alaska to Panama road trip, adventure photographers, and a piece on what it took to
accomplish the world’s greatest quests.  There are plenty of other goodies in the issue as well—such as
a gear guide.  And it wouldn’t be Men’s Journal without a workout routine and a model

So, sorry if this sounds like one big plug for the magazine, but this is one worth picking up. In the meantime,
check back on Gadling for a couple of brief summaries on some other articles in the issue that we will be discussing in
a little more detail.  Tomorrow: Men’s Journal tackles the 20 Greatest Adventure Authors.