Red Corner: Albania

Well, I’m excited. I think I have narrowed down my next journey behind the former Iron Curtain. If everything works out, I’ll be going to Albania.

I was therefore particularly happy to discover the following article from The Observer (UK). Journalist Paul Mansfield journeyed to Tirana on a new British Airways service direct from London and discovered the type of screwed up post-communist city that I have come to love; swarthy money changers, pot-holed roads, no McDonalds, an emerging café society, cheap food, and extraordinarily friendly and hospitable people.

Albania will certainly be a challenging place and, based upon Mansfield’s article, a fascinatingly rewarding one as well. Take a moment to read it yourself. While Albania may not appeal to most, you have to admit, there is something alluring about it.

Incidentally, if any of you have already trail-blazed there, I’d love to hear your recommendations and suggestions.