Where's Walrond?: Flying out

This afternoon, my family and I are flying out to an
Undisclosed Location to spend the Easter holiday weekend.  This is actually a little holiday that we planned about
a month ago, almost at the spur of the moment — our good friends, Joanna and Peter, have recently certified as scuba
divers.  Since my husband Marcus and I love to dive, but haven’t since the birth of our daughter, we thought we’d
plan a vacation together with this family — that way, we could dive in shifts, while the remaining pair stay on land
to watch our kids.

In an effort to make our trip a bit more interesting (and see how well your geographical
knowledge of the world is), I thought we could have a little contest here on Gadling.  Over the next few days,
I’ll post photographs and clues of our location, and giving you the opportunity to guess where in the world I am. 
The first person who guesses, both city and country, will win a souvenir purchased from our location.  I promise to
stay away from A – Gadling – staffer – went – to – an – Undisclosed – Location – and – all – I – got – was – this –
lousy – t-shirt – type gift-shop items — I’ll purchase something worthwhile.

Okay, so wish me good
travels.  And to get you started, some clues:

  • it’s a place known for its diving;
  • it’s a great place for lovers; and
  • its name is often mispronounced.

Good luck!