Go Before They’re Gone

This month’s Men’s Journal features an article whose theme is horribly depressing; phenomenal travel destinations that will soon disappear.

For those of you who don’t believe in Global Warming, you may want to click over to some feel-good fantasy site because the following may upset the balance of the perfect little fictitious world you’ve created for yourself.

For the remaining intelligent souls among us, I’d like to remind you that man’s encroachment on nature takes many forms and each, in its own insidious way, is affecting everything around us. The Men’s Journal article details a handful of what we may be losing in the near future and when these tragedies are expected to occur. I’ve only included three in this post. For the complete list, check out a copy of the May edition of Men’s Journal-sorry, but it is not online.

Mont Blanc, France – Warming temperatures are expected to melt most of the mountain’s glaciers by 2035.

Three Gorges, China – The massive demand for energy has resulted in the construction of the world’s largest dam. By 2009, the area’s incredible landscape and archeological relics will be under 350 feet of water.

Maldives, Indian Ocean – Low-lying island nations such as the Maldives, which are only three feet above sea level, are expected to disappear by 2100 due to rising waters brought on by global warming.

[Photo: Flickr | YXO]