Google Travel?

what point does Google’s world domination start becoming a worry?

Not quite yet.  In fact, I’m still at the point where I’m excited every time I hear about a new
product Google is pumping out.  And the latest is no exception.

According to the folks over at ZDNet, the Google
leviathan is now taking on the world of travel.  If this is true, this is great news for us travelers!  The
Google product has always been a fantastic one, and I’m sure any type of travel service they develop will be
equally Google-icious. 

This still remains speculation at this point.  Google is always very tight-lipped about upcoming
products.  But, they do have to hire people to staff them and it was a job posting for a “Senior Account
Executive, Travel Vertical” that has ZDNet all abuzz.  The website further speculates that any future Google
travel site will be in conjunction with Orbitz.  Incidentally, the job posting is for their Chicago office, if
you’re interested…