Tower of London Ravens to Move Indoors

From National Geographic News:  If
you’ve ever been to the Tower of London, you’re familiar with the ravens who live on the grounds — after all, English
legend has it that great misfortune will befall the land if anything happens to the Tower of London ravens.

It’s for this reason that the ravens are now moving indoors — because bird flu has made it to too-close-for-comfort
France, and officials presume that Great Britain is next.

The current ravens — Baldrick, Branwen, Gwyllum,
Hugine, Munin, and Thor — have been moved to aviaries in one of the royal palace’s towers.

lot of visitors are asking where the ravens are, but when we explain the reason why they’ve been put away, they
completely understand," said Derrick Coyle, ravenmaster of the Tower of London, and the person in charge for
looking after the birds.

An unfortunate, but understandable event.  So if you’re planning a trip to the
Tower of London, you now know where the ravens are. 

But I’m sure there’ll still be many of pigeons
around to admire.