Rough Guides Travel Phrasebooks

Thanks to updates I’m now in-the-know about Rough Guides Phrasebooks. They work much like the Lonely Planet
one’s I blog about almost all the time; small enough for your pockets, cheap enough for your budget, and filled with
thousands of words to practice on the locals. However, a quick glimpse at the Rough Guides language guides online shows
the publishers have a slight one up on my beloved LP books. Based on the language you are trying to learn you’ll find
awesome audio downloads of travel scenarios recorded by native speakers before you even make a purchase. They cover all
the widely spoken lingos in addition to some of the least spoken languages out there and have a pretty decent selection.
According to their latest edition of Hindi & Urdu is
scheduled for release on May 29, 2006. So if you’re eyeing a trip to India then you should probably be eyeing this book
just as much.

Why I wasn’t in-the-know before is beyond me, but I can guarantee I’ll be purchasing one to
test out for my next big adventure abroad.