Blessed are the Cheese Makers

If you like
cheese like I like cheese, and I like cheese a lot, then you should think about booking a flight to the state of
Washington where you can immerse yourself in the Seattle Cheese
and all the wonderful cheeses contained therein. 

Taking place May 12-14 at Pike Place Market in Seattle, the festival is free, and so are the samples! Last year one
million toothpicks were used in the sampling (and purchase) of 10,000 pounds of creamy, sharp, mild, smooth, stinky,
veined, moldy, stringy, crumbly, aged, and artesian cheese. 

This year, since Kraft is the sponsor, the only samples available will be individually wrapped slices of American
cheese.  Ho ho, just kidding folks!  The Cheese Concourse will feature hundreds of fantastic cheeses from all
over this planet.  All I need is a plane ticket and a box of toothpicks and I’m ready to go!