Baja Road Trip with Boats

Tom Bol over at Canoe
and Kayak Magazine
, one of my favorite paddle mags to be sure, tells us about his dream trip paddling with kids. He takes the younguns way down south to
Mexico where they thrive in the sunshine, take their potty breaks outside, but otherwise have a delirious time paddling
around cerulean seas. To be honeest, the thought of paddling with kids seems daunting to me. What if they drown? What
if they get eaten by sharks? Such are the sentiments, I guess of a new dad. But they make it OK, after all, and even
get to stretch their green muscles a bit by staying a the EcoMundo, "the perfect base camp" for exploring
nearby Conception Bay. I’m a big-time baja fan and have spent a fair amount of time down there, but I haven’t paddled
much. Seems like I should give it a try.