Red Corner: Mongolicious

Mongolia is a bizarre sort of place, in an amazingly wonderful sort of way. Journalist Jim Robbins discovered this for himself on a recent trip which he has thoughtfully written about in this month’s Condé Nast Traveler.

Mongolia, he tells us, is a combination of the American West and a Dr. Seuss book that is best discovered by 4-wheel drive jeep, steamboat, and on horseback. Crossing the remote country in such a manner reveals an amazing landscape of dust devils, yaks, yurts, nomadic tribes, national parks, Asian steppes, desert wasteland, soaring falcons, fermented mare’s milk, mystic lakes, and a big sky that puts Montana’s to shame.

Robbins traveled with Boojum Expeditions whose website provides even more inspiration to visit this remote country so desolate, yet so brimming with wonder and awe.