Jemma's Treehouse — Tobago, West Indies

If you ever make it to the island of Tobago in the Caribbean (and really, at some point, you really ought to
make it to the island of Tobago in the Caribbean), remember the following words:  Jemma’s
.  This quaint restaurant sits on the northernmost part of the island in the little town of
Speyside.  It’s charm is derived by the fact that it’s actually nestled in the branches of trees — take the
convenient staircase up, and your automatically in a simple West Indian restaurant, featuring the best of local fare,
and affording you an amazing view of the Caribbean sea. 

Most of the islands luxurious resorts are on
the south side of the island, so to get to Jemma’s, it behooves you to rent a car.  However, you won’t regret it
— the 1-1/2 hour drive to Speyside will afford you some of the most beautiful scenery in the West Indies. 
Definitely worth the trip.