A $37,000 Hotel Room

Here is a post about those upon
whom you might wish some form of harm. Not necessarily bodily harm. Just a little bit of psychic harm might be fine. But
something that smacks them upside the head and says, hey dummy! Don’t you now there are starving people in Africa? Poor
people without homes in New Orleans? Kids without computers in schools? Can’t you find a better place to put $37,000
than into one night’s stay at a hotel?

OK, that some mean blustering, but take a look at this post over at Luxist. It turns out
that there actually IS a hotel called the Hotel Martinez
that actually offers a suite that costs $37,200 per night. The Hotel is in Cannes, France and needless to say has wide
appeal among the overpaid, over-celebrated celebrity types. The penthouse suite is known as the Exceptional 7th Floor Suite, and
sprawls over 2,000 sq. feet. There are four bedrooms, marble baths, several dining rooms, a plasma screen TV or two or
three, and a spa on a terrace with panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

If it were me, I’d have the
TV tuned permanently to the UNICEF channel so the tenants would have to look into the haunting eyes of poor children as
the clock ticks off each $26 minute that they spend in the suite.