Word for the Travel Wise 04/29/06)

Raise your hand if you plan on visiting
Laos in the very near future or have it somewhere on your list of travel plans. Yeah, me too. Laos isn’t on top of my
country list right now, but it’s somewhere on there and just in case, by some stroke of luck and fortune I find myself
on a flight landing in the area I’m sure I’ll want to know some Lao. I’m almost certain you agree too. Let’s get to
today’s lesson!

Today’s word is a Lao word used in

men – yes

The Lao
language is closely related to the Isan language used in the northeast region of Thailand and the alphabet resembles the
Thai writing system, but has some differences. Wikitravel has an
excellent online Lao phrasebook and probably one of the best free web sources you’ll find. Lao Connection also has some of the basics listed in addition to
links to language products, fonts, CD’s, and software. Laos Language
and Culture Learning Resources
out of Northern Illinois University is an extensive guide on folklore, history,
arts, literature and of course the lingo!
Past Lao words: nyang