Branjolina Helping African Tourism

Karen posted about the newest do-gooder exploits of Branjolina and we just couledn’t resist adding our two cents here. People Magazine reports that the both-divorced duo are personally propping up the tourism industry of Namibia through their efforts to…well, just by visiting the country.

Yes, here they are awaiting the birth of their child, and all the magazine covers, all the E television stories the tabloid coverage has had the added benefit of making Americans aware that you can actually visit Africa, that it’s not just a big, dark place on the map where people die. The Namibian ambassador says the Namibian embassy in Washington has been “inundated with calls from the media and individuals inquiring about Namibia.” “It would be an honor for Namibia to become the birthplace of the Pitts’ first biological child,” he said.

Star power. Man, how about that?