Naked Truths About Nude Cruises

Admit it:  when you read that title, you
were titillated (so to speak).  "Nude cruises?  Surely they don’t exist!" you tittered (so to

Turns out, nude cruises aren’t all that uncommon.  And Spud Hilton, of the San Francisco
Chronicle, has written an article where he gets the bare naked truth on these vacations.  He interviewed Nancy and
Tom Tiemann, formerly a banker and an attorney, respectively, who now run Bare Necessities, "the only travel
company that charters entire ships for the nudist populace."  The responses to his questions are eye-opening
to say the least — the article is definitely worth
the read
.  My favourite part is the very last question:

Q. Without pockets, where
do people keep their key cards?

A. Maybe it’s better if we leave some things to the