Jack Bauer Gets Tracked

One of
the very cool things about the popular FOX show 24 is that it takes place
in the more obscure corners of Los Angeles.  You won’t see Jack hightailing it though Beverly Hills or
taking down bad guys on the beaches of Venice.  In fact, so many of the locations featured in the series are
places I don’t recognize whatsoever and I’ve lived in this city nearly my whole life. 

Now, thanks to the great website Jacktracker, we can do just
that; track Jack. 

Built atop a Google Earth map, Jacktracker plots the course of our hero as he jams from one adventure to the
next.  Waypoints explain what has happened and speculates on where the filming might have occurred if not at the
exact point mentioned in the storyline.  For example, uncertain where Tony and Michelle might have lived, but
taking into consideration that their home was a short helicopter ride to CTU, the web designer “put it in Sherman
Oaks, as they seemed like swinging Porn Valley types to me.”

Additional waypoints tell us where other cast members are either supporting Jack or plotting against him while a
bright blue line shows Jack’s route thus far.   

Jacktracker is not only a great resource for following the show, but it is an equally practical resource for shady
types seeking out evil lairs in and around Los Angeles.  Oh, and if you’re a tourist and plan to follow
Jack’s route while here on vacation, better give yourself a week to do so; 24 should realistically be
called 424 once LA traffic is taken into consideration.