The Ultimate Guide to Free Travel

When I used to travel a lot for my
job, I had friends who used to tell me how lucky I was to travel as much as I did.  "I wish I could
travel," they’d say wistfully.  "It’s just so expensive."

So, I wish that at the time I
had this article being featured on, describing how you can score travel — for free. 
In a nutshell, the article encourages the reader to explore options like housesitting, or houseswapping, or even
driveaways — that is, driving an owner’s car from one location to another, because the owner either can’t or doesn’t
want to drive the car herself.

The article also provides sources to consult if any of the options appeal to
you.  Perhaps I’ll e-mail the link to my friends.

Or, since I don’t travel nearly as much as I used to,
keep these tips to myself.