Time for a quick look back at some of our favorite posts for the week, just in case you missed

5. To Travel or Not to
Travel: That Is The Question
This post by Karen tackles the tough question on whether high school graduates
should take a year off before college and travel the world.  There are, of course, pros and cons to this question,
but at the end of the day, aren’t we all better off having traveled?

Karen follows up with some responses from
readers who mostly agreed about taking time off to travel before college.  With this in mind, she directs us to a
wonderful website that specializes in the so-called Gap Year. 

3. Jack Bauer Gets Tracked
Jack Bauer
fans can now follow Jack’s progress through Los Angeles thanks to a Google Earth map that tracks his whereabouts
and provides waypoints for key locations featured in the series.

2. Are Most American Kids Stupid?
Erik addresses the quintessential question I hear so often while traveling; why are Americans so bad at
geography?  He refers to a study that reveals that three out of four American high school students couldn’t
find Iraq on a map.  Statistics like these have been circulating around this world for ages.  I can’t
tell you the number of times I’ve been told by foreigners that American college students can’t even find
America on a map. 

1. Albee does Easter Island
It’s not so often that a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright delves into travel writing, but when one does, in
this case Edward Albee, it is something that should definitely be read no matter what the location being written
about.  In this case, however, the location is fascinating Easter Island—a place I’d read about even
if written by the village idiot.