Red Corner: Bushby Appealing

Adventurer Karl Bushby arrested in Russia without proper paperwork after walking across the Bering Strait to get there, has now made his way to the region’s capital where he hopes to appeal the decision recently made against him-a decision that deports him from Russia and which, if upheld, will end his quest to walk around the world.

Under some type of odd, home arrest (in another person’s home) Bushby was stuck in the small frozen village of Lavrentiya last week where he quickly ran out of money since there were no banks or places that accepted credit cards. Friends eventually wired him some money which he used to buy a ticket on the once weekly flight to Anadyr, the provincial capital where his appeal will be heard sometime in the next month. In the meantime, Bushby has left his gear in Lavrentiya where he hopes to pick it up and continue on his journey walking west across Siberia. We’ll keep you posted as the situation develops.