Richard Branson shares his travel tips

I’m a huge fan of Richard Branson — not just because he built the Virgin empire from nothing, which would be reason enough.  I’m a fan of his because he appears to be an executive who also takes time to enjoy his life.  He’s not a workaholic, go-getter who sacrifices his mental health for his corporation — he does what he does because he’s passionate about it.

Oh — and I’m also a fan because he posed for a picture with me this past Carnival in Trinidad.  He was really charming about it, too… see?  Does that photograph not ooze charm?

Nonetheless, despite the fact that my reasons for liking the man might be shallow, I was still drawn to an article posted today on providing Branson’s top 5 business travel tips, and things he’ll never leave home with out.  Things like:

1. his Breitling watch, which has saved his life (this part of the article also confirms my suspicion the man is slightly touched);
2.  a haircut (a regular Samson, this man);
3.  a good massage;
4.  his swimsuit (because you never known when, 007-like, a jacuzzi will appear out of nowhere); and
5.  a notepad (you didn’t think he kept all those multibillionaire, entrepreneurial ideas in his head, did you?).

Pretty interesting reading, and considering his success (particularly in the travel industry), hardly tips you can argue with.

Now, where did I leave my notepad…