Undiscovered Oman

It is a wonderful moment in time when undiscovered locales register their first blip on your travel radar. 

This happened to me this morning when opening the LA Times and running across this sentence; “Oman is a peaceful wonderland of dramatic gorges, sweeping deserts and hidden villages, dotted with fairy-tale forts and castles.”  Many thanks to Tony Wheeler, of Lonely Planet fame, who has penned this short article introducing us to the little-known nation of Oman. 

Pinched between Saudi Arabia and Yemen–two places most tourists aren’t too interested in these days–Oman is a rare gem in an otherwise troubled area.  Travelers who venture here can enjoy the country’s fine coastline, and with the help of a 4-wheel drive vehicle, tool around a slew of impressive mountain ranges and vast gorges that include Wadi Ghul, Oman’s very own Grand Canyon. 

One of the more interesting sites Wheeler points out is the shipyard in Sur where traditional sailing dhows are still being built.  This ancient practice, coupled with many villages untouched by modern times, makes Oman yet another place to rush off and visit before its all swept quickly into the 21st century.