Word for the Travel Wise (05/07/06)

Just when I thought I couldn’t unearth any new hard to find languages in the world and on the web today I discovered a few and I do mean very few links into one I’m sure you are all dying to know! (I surprise myself sometimes.) Before I just blurt out the word let me add that this country rarely gets mentioned here on Gadling with the exception of Neil’s fabulous Red Corner series. I’ve always been curious about Uzbekistan and know very little about the country, let alone the language, but as promised here is your new and exciting word for the day.

Today’s word is a Uzbek word used in Uzbekistan:

arzimaydi – you’re welcome

Uzbek is spoken by 18.5 million in Uzbekistan and across Central Asia. It is the official language of Uzbekistan and classified as an Eastern Turkic language in the Qarluq. Wiki has great background on the lang as usual where as you can find an incredible list of the most common Uzbek words at this Introduction to Uzbek Language site. In addition to the wordlist there is also a small section for pronunciation and grammar.