Red Corner: Belarus Bison

There aren’t too many places left in this world where you can go back in time and observe how life was lived during the Soviet Union. Belarus, is one such place.

Run by a strong-armed dictator in much the same manner as his Soviet predecessors, Belarus remains a window into a fascinating period that should simply no longer exist.

Andrew Evans of The Times (UK) journeyed here recently to observe this phenomenon firsthand. He pens a short article but instead of dedicating it’s breadth to collective farms and KGB goons lurking about, Evans spends time praising the beauty of the country instead.

One of his more unexpected highlights is the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park — a UNESCO World Heritage Site where a herd of European bison roam unhindered. Once nearly extinct, the bison population is now flourishing strongly in Belarus; much like old school communism itself.