The World’s Sexiest Penthouses

Not long ago, Erik Olsen introduced us to the penthouse at the Hotel Martinez, yours for a mere (*gulp*) US$ 37,000 per night.  Well, while that’s all well and good, what about the rest of us who crave penthouse holidays, but don’t necessarily want to spend that kind of dosh?  What about those of us who just want to spend … well, say, $10,000 per night (*wheeze*)?

Well, my little paupers, Conde Nast to the rescue:  their website,, is currently featuring the world’s sexiest penthouses, when a hotel suite just won’t do.  These little lovelies are pretty amazing — and since the articles provide gauges as to how sexy the penthouses really are (the one in Santoriniis as sexy as “Aphrodite in a bikini”; the one in Hong Kong is like Zhang Ziyi, pre-geisha training; you get the idea), you’re sure to find one that suits your style.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to walk away from this article so that I can stop talking like Robin Leach.  Here’s wishing you champagne wishes and caviar dreams.