San Sebastian on my Mind

There is nothing to dislike about San Sebastian.  This wonderful coastal city located in the Basque region of Northern Spain is awash in old-world atmosphere and alluring personality. 

Simon Calder of The Independent paid a visit to this fine city and literally gushes over its charm and beauty; the pedestrian promenade, the scenic bay, cobblestone streets, old churches, late dinners, fine wines, picturesque hills, and yummy Basque tapas. 

I went myself a number of years ago and simply loved the place.  I think Seville has a bit more charm, but the gritty Basque culture gives San Sebastian a slightly more charged edge.

Unfortunately, being so far north that it nearly abuts the French border, not as many tourists come here as Seville or Madrid.  Take a few moments to read Calder’s article, however, and you just may opt for this city over the more common tourist haunts.