Awful Fast Food Uniforms

Growing up I California, I long lived in fear of ending up in a job where I was required to wear a uniform. I’m not talking about military garb or even some dandy LAPD duds. That wouldn’t be so bad. No, I’m talking about my fear of waking up some day and discovering that my job entails wearing the same solid, primary colors, perhaps a visor, certainly a nametag and where I would be required to finish each transaction with the phrase “Would you like a hot apple pie with that?”

Apologies to the good folks who serve us our daily bread at fast food restaurants around the world. We mean no disrespect. But as I say, here I am in California and I have just seen the most awful uniforms in all of fast food history. Forget Taco Bell, McDonalds, 7-11…those uniforms are high fashion compared to the eye-searing uniforms of the folks at Hotdog on a Stick. Again, I understand these folks toil daily to make sure you get the finest corn dog this side of the state fair, but I would rather gag on a Burrito Supreme that ever wear one of those blue, red and yellow outfits.