Red Corner: Dresden Drinking Emerges from the Ashes

Getting bombed in Dresden is no longer what it use to be.

Okay, horrific lead, I agree, but I couldn’t resist dropping such an intro when writing about Dresden’s emerging party scene.

It seems that every week I come across an article praising the newest Eastern European hot spot for cafes and bars. This week, The New York Times draws attention to the (former East) German city of Dresden.

Journalist Evan Rail (another great travel name) tosses out a few token lines about the city’s cultural boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants, but then dives right into its rich pub culture. Apparently Neustadt (New Town) is the hip-happenin’ place these days. Located across the river from the part of town demolished in the closing days of World War II by a series of unnecessary carpet bombing raids, Neustadt’s streets are lined with more than 100 drinking establishments that are open until 3 a.m.

Just how wonderful has this city become for serious drinkers? Swing by the third weekend in June when the Bunte Republik Neustadt (Colorful Neustadt Republic) street fair kicks off. 800,000 of your best drinking buddies will be there as well, so bottoms up!

Oh, and spare a moment to cross the river and check out the real Dresden, slowly being rebuilt in all its glory and magnificence.