Turkish Fishing Village

I’ve always been intrigued by “quiet fishing villages.”  Any time I run across this phrase in a guidebook or travel article I always take a moment to educate myself about yet another location to wile away the hours in a place where time creeps to a halt and life plods on much as it has for the last 200 years.

Today’s “quiet fishing village” comes to us complements of Linda Cookson writing for The Belfast Telegram.  She recently flew down to south-west Turkey where she spent time hanging with the locales in the “quiet fishing village” of Sogut and Saranda Cove.

Located on the Bozburun peninsula, this cove and village are in a special region of Turkey protected by strong environmental laws that aim to keep the area undeveloped and pure.  This means no major hotels, docking cruise ships, or Turkish factories.  Instead, the coast retains the charm of the “quiet fishing village” it has always been.