Don’t understand Feng Shui? Try a Feng Shui Travel Tour

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art of geomancy, which ostensibly helps bring balance and harmony to a person’s life.  While this article from Yahoo!News is primarily about using feng shui in your love life, I  was intrigued by the author’s comment of feng shui inspiring travel:  “…enthusiasts of the ancient art are finding that they can increase their understanding by doing a feng shui travel tour.”

According to the article, people can book a 10-day travel tour through a company called Feng Shui Masters, who will guide visitors through a series of ancient sites in China that represent feng shui’s beginnings.   “Each person has a different reaction (to the trip), depending on their cultural background,” said Johnathan Ng, executive director of Feng Shui Masters.  “A visit to the Hangzhou temple has moved people to tears,” he said. “They feel so great, so very positive.”

Hmm…. a tour of China AND a more balanced life?  Sign me up.