Freedom of the Seas Sets Sail

Maybe it’s just me, but I thought that the largest ship in the world was the Queen Mary 2. Turns out I’m wrong. At least as of today. Why? Because today a new ship set sail called the Freedom of the Seas, which I think is a far lamer name that the Queen Mary 2, and this 1,112-foot-long, 15-deck sea-borne behemoth set sail the other day with ice rink, climbing wall, numerous pools, and every other extravagance possible.

Now, perhaps the marketing folks with the company are fond of irony, and it was all a big, fun joke that the movie Poseidon, about a monster cruise linter that is hit by a rogue wave, was just released. I like to think so. I like to think that they sat around a table and conversed about how funny it would be to have a movie about a ship being destroyed and their ship’s maiden voyage occurring around the same time. But somehow I doubt that’s how things worked out.