Baby Storage on Planes

Way back on April 1, we did a series of humorous…OK, maybe some more than others…posts for April Fools Day. One of them was about a faux new product called the Baby Cone of Silence. A pioneering, if non–existent device that would help stifle babies’ cries on board a plane. Now, even for those with kids, you KNOW that such a device would be of immeasurable value. It’s just that technology hasn’t gotten us far enough yet to make such a device viable. Too bad that. But now over at Jaunted I see a post about something different, but similar. Seems there might be a kind of baby box on board new planes where the noisy tikes can be placed to keep them out of the way and content in their own comfy little nests. Not quite putting them in the overhead bin, but close.

Is this the real deal or someone extemporizing? Inquiring minds want to know.