Good Karma in Mauritius

Back in 2002 when my then-husband-to-be and I were planning our wedding, we pondered, as fiancés often do, about where we would have our honeymoon.  After doing extensive research on the best places to surf (him) and scuba dive (me), we landed on Mauritius.

Unfortunately, once we arrived, we learned that because of the time of year, the sea was flat and cold — perfect for neither sport.

Nonetheless, Mauritius is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful islands I’ve ever been — and remember, I’m from the Caribbean.  So it was with more than a little bit of nostalgia that I read this fantastic article in the Times on the oft-forgotten island.  Assuming the author was writing from recent memory, Mauritius hasn’t changed a bit — and I would strongly recommend that everyone run, not walk, to their travel agent (or Expedia) to book a holiday soon.  You’ll be glad you did.