The Louvre, As Inspired by The Da Vinci Code

Okay, in another day or two I’m going to get really sick of all the press I’m seeing these days about the new Da Vinci Code movie–including here on Gadling where I’ve been guilty myself of posting a few too many items about this blockbuster.

The truth is, however, that the book/movie is bursting with the very historical gems that make us want to travel in the first place.  That’s why today, for example, I couldn’t resist the urge to post yet again on the most recent Da Vinci Code article I’ve come across.  And, quite frankly, I’ve done so because it is one of the best I’ve encountered so far.

The LA Times has a whole section about “Unlocking the Secrets of the Louvre.”  The museum, as you may recall, plays an important role in the book’s plot.  Although the article by Susan Spano doesn’t really “unlock” any mysteries, it is rather a nice summation of the history and holdings of the world’s greatest art museum.  Spano also tosses in some helpful travel tips as well for those hoping to visit the museum in the near future.

The truly cool part of this article is the interactive online elements.  A decent flash animation map displays where to go in the museum and a Mystery Quest takes you on a fun little treasure hunt where you must solve anagrams and other little puzzles.  The online elements aren’t top-of-the-line, but they are well-done and exactly the type of content newspapers need to start incorporating more of if they want to compete in today’s digital world. 

Actually, the more time I spent bouncing around this site, the more I realize that almost none of it refers back to the Da Vinci Code.  Perhaps that is why I like it so much.