Word for the Travel Wise (05/16/06)

After traveling the states these last few weeks and with several more to head through I’m amazed at how many places have gone completely non-smoking. There are more places than one might expect like the Argosy Casino in Lawrenceberg, IN which has an all non-smoking area. I wish something like this could be put into effect all over, but I’m sure this would make for just as many unhappy campers as it would for the happy group. I’ve never been to Vietnam or much of anywhere in Asia, but it’s one of those places that leaves me with the feeling that smoking goes just about anywhere. I could be wrong and in the event you’re there looking for a clean, smoke-free, air zone this one is for you.

Today’s phrase is a Vietnamese phrase used in Vietnam:

cam hut thuoc – no smoking

To continue learning Vietnamese online start with phrase list found at the NY Public Library. This Wanna Learn / Geocities page has some free words and phrases listed. It was one of few I could find online for free though you won’t get far. Rosetta Stone offers audio and web courses for a fee and there’s always the opportunity to take a Vietnamese language class in Hanoi, Vietnam with CIEE. For those flying through the country for just a few short days pick up the phrasebook.

Past Vietnamese words: Xe Ðap, xinh xinh