Word for the Travel Wise (05/18/06)

Summer time is oh-so near and with the sun ah’ shinin’ and irie feelings all abuzz I’m sure vacationers will be flocking to the islands as soon the season is officially here. Perhaps they are headed there now, but if you plan on making Jamaica one of your island destinations why not wait and make your trip extra special by tacking on one of the largest Reggae concerts of the year to your itinerary? Hell, I’d do just about anything to get to the Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest this year. To my misfortune I won’t be making it July 16-22, 2006, but there’s always next time. The concert is set to take place in Montego Bay to be specific and the lineup is just plain stupid. Ugh – someone please shake something on the dance floor for me.

Today’s word is a Patois word from Jamaica:

mash up – to destroy, tear down, break up

Quite frankly I think destroy is a little far off, but I tend to use the mash up term to say something to the extent of “have a real good time at the party/concert/fete.” Mash up sounds a lot cooler than have a real good time, but please don’t destroy the place.

You can expand your ‘Rasta Patois’ in several ways. The most rewarding way is straight from the horse’s mouth, so you may wish to seek the knowledge from some West Indian folks in your neighborhood. If you can’t learn anything that way due to the low number of West Indian peeps in your circle, try watching films. The Rockers is an awesome and entertaining starting point. The 25th anniversary edition DVD has great features, including a small Rasta Patois dictionary. A good source on the net is Jamaicans dot com and Jahworks seems decent.

Past Patois words: satta, gwaan, labrish