Kottke on Wireless in Flight

I follow a couple of blogs fairly religiously and one of them is Kottke.org, one of the more prominent ,and always entertaining and informative blogs. I noticed today on Kottke an interesting and brief post about using wireless connections on planes. Kottke takes the NY Times to task for mentioning that the only way to get wireless on a plane is if that airlines provides it. Which is true. I’ve used the wireless Internet connection on Lufthansa and found it remarkable. The feeling, that is, of being in the air at 35,000 feet and using the internet is remarkable. The story seems to suggest that that is the ONLY way that you can get wireless. Burt Kottke points out that a network of Apples can easily communicate wirelessly on a plane…or on a train, or in a car or with green eggs and ham. He suggests that a cadre of evildoers could connive some airborne scam using their wireless connections, but alas, the more likely scenario is the harmless sharing of Jay-Z and/or the exchange of lewd comments about a particular stewardess.