Wo Ist Der Bahnhof?

There you are, standing by yourself on the street in Berlin and for the life of you, you have no idea how to find the damn train station. You beg the many passers-by for help, but this is Germany. They look at you like you are a hund, eine schwein. If only you knew a few words of German, why, that would help so much. Oh, wait. Look over here at Google Video. There’s a whole bunch of helpful phrases for you to learn. “Wo is die bahnhof?” you ask. “Der bahnhof ist ja unter dein nase.” Comes the reply. See, so helpful.

But seriously, take a look at these vids. Who is that woman? And why couldn’t they find someone better looking to give online video German lessons? And why does she have to look off camera to come up with the translation? Are these tidy little phrases too long and she needs a teleprompter? But seriously, these are rather worthless little vidoes, but it is interesting to see what kind of stuff is emerging these days on Google video.