Top Beers

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson: Hmmm, beer.

Yes, I love to sudsy stuff as much as the next guy, but like my relationship with coffee, a foodstuff about which I declare with pride that I am a bona-fide snob, I am also very particular about the kind of beer I drink. None of that watery belly wash Budweiser for me. nah, I’ll take a Bass or a Sam Adams or a Guinness that I have to cut with a knife before I’ll touch the domestic blue-collar stuff. Sorry. As I said, I am a snob.

And so for other snobs out there I offer a must have list of what are said to be the finest 100 beers in the world. The list is put together by Beer Advocate magazine, a fine source if ever there was one…better anyway than, say, Teetotaler Magazine or Mormons Weekly. As you might have guessed the majority of the brewski here are made overseas, Europe in particular, but there are some American bottles on the list, including the Dreadnaught IPA, which gets a 93 rating.

I know you’re going to find this list useful, so print it out.