Postcards from Tokyo

While I’ve traveled all over the world, the one area of the globe with which I’m least familiar is Asia.  For this reason, I’ve been dying to visit Japan, and really, I can’t articulate why.  For some reason, Japan intrigues me — in my mind’s eye, Tokyo is the most fashion-forward, technologically-advanced spot on the globe.  Whether I’m right, of course, remains to be experienced.

That said, I love this article in the New York Times written by Carrie Fisher — you know, author of the acclaimed novel Postcards from the Edge, but more well known as Princess Leia from Star Wars? I’m a big fan of Fisher’s writings, and she didn’t disappoint with this article, chronicling her Christmas/New Year’s Eve visit to Tokyo forthe sghts and the shopping.

Definitely worth the read.  And now I definitely have to go.