Potts on Yahoo

One of our favorite travel writers and, well, sometime, bloggers Rolf Potts seems to have landed himself a great gig over at Yahoo. He’s got a new column called Traveling Light where he ruminates on the Art of Independent Travel. The most recent piece examines Pushkar, the Hindu holy town in India. It’s a nice little peice with real Pottsian flair. Of Pushkar, Potts writes: Pushkar didn’t seem much like a Tourist Zone: There were no glitzy hotels, no air-conditioned knickknack boutiques, no busloads of sunburned Germans and chubby Texans.

But he soon discovers that Pushkar is indeed a Tourist Zone, where monk-like sadhus approach to have their photos taken for money, and a New york City-like array of international foods are at one’s fingertips. We’ll keep checking in on Pott’s peices here, as we’re always eager to see what he has to say.