Sailing the Lesser Known Greek Islands

I’ve never properly sailed before because I don’t know anyone with a boat and the logistics of setting something up on my own just seems too daunting. But, when I ran across an article in Adventure Travel about sailing in Greece, I realized I’ve been really missing out.

The photos are alluring enough, but the thought of leisurely tooling along any-which-way-the-wind-blows, dropping anchor, and swimming until I tire, is something I just can’t get out of my heard. 

The article by Alex Crever does more than just wax eloquently about the beauty one encounters sailing the Aegean Sea; it takes the sailing angle a step further by focusing on the small, uninhabited islands that can only be reached by private (or rented) boat.   This was the goal of Jim Bantis, a vacationer Crever was shadowing.  He wanted to avoid the tourist-infested isles and discover the true Greece. 

In addition to whetting the sailing appetite, Craver also provides the practicalities; when to go, where to rent boats, and tips for do-it-yourself options (with or without a skipper).  Sign me up!  I’m won over.