See the Northern Lights

Neil posted a few times here about the Northern Lights, and what an exhilarating experience it can be. I confess that seeing, photographing them is an item high on my personal life list. Yet, despite almost five years of living in Seattle and numerous trip to Canada (ski trips to Whistler mostly), I’ve still never laid eyes on this amazing natural spectacle.

But I could, if I was willing to fork over the cashola to haul my arse up North. Just haven’t done it yet. But part of me think that to finally do the Northern Lights I should to it in style. And that is why I found this trip so appealing. First of all, you head to Iceland, a fascinating country rich in culture and natural beauty. Second, and equally important, you make the trip with Sky & Telescope magazine editor Paul Deans who, presumably, will be on hand to answer all your silly questions (what makes the sky glow like that? Magic fairies? Why don’t the lights make a sound?)

So check it out and let us know if you take this trip or any other to see the lights.