Word for the Travel Wise (05/23/06)

Unlike some great travel deals that come and go, Qantas seems to be having the never ending fare sale to Australia. Can’t say that I’ve really priced out a ticket to the land down under, over, and out, but $999 smack-a-roos doesn’t sound too bad considering the distance. In fact you can even discover the country through one of their pretty awesome Aussie vacation packages in partner with National Geographic. Don’t bother sticking around for much more of my babble – head over and check em’ out with your own two and then promise you’ll back to scope out the word. You may or may not need it.

Today’s word is an Aboriginal word used in Australia:

– to talk

Hiroyuki Yokose does a great job outlining Aboriginal words used in Australian English like our vocab word today from which I plucked this piece of information. For additional words you may wish to check out his findings. The Bangerang Cultural Centre is one of the first Aboriginal museums in the country and has a list of words online from this particular tribe. Wiki lists a large number of tribes and languages found in Australia which if you already haven’t set your mind on one in particular you can try picking one off their list. Try Lonely Planet’s Outback Australia guide for additional offline reading and trip planning.

Past Aboriginal words: cooee